We were promised a grown up government

Being described as a Pollyanna took me back a peg or two. (Full Definition of POLLYANNA : a person characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything — Pollyanna adjective — Pol·ly·an·na …


What do you mean? All that was said was I would like to be optimistic of the intention of the new government. That we should expect some transition difficulties but ultimately once the classical change management transition is complete we should have common sense prevail, as you would expect in a democracy.

If there was some unease with the choice of the basic change management strategy it may be because it was thought there was a right to govern. It could explain the expectation that the degree of resistance or indication of lack of resistance by the people, the dependency of the people to expect him to take decisive action was deemed by the Prime Minister as requiring a power-coercive change management strategy.

But something is already showing itself that the key success factors are astray. Whilst it is seen as a problem the identification of the major risk that is apparent may get down to the Culture or organization alignment.

“Tony Abbott promised us a grown up government.

But apparently what he meant was that he would be the only adult in it. His ministers are to be treated as children – worse than children, in fact, because while children should be seen but not heard, Abbott’s team cannot even be seen in public without permission from the top.

And even then they really shouldn’t open their mouths except to paraphrase Abbott’s message. Why, even his favourite choir boy, little Christopher Pyne, got it wrong this week with his talk about killing off university student unions – he was absolutely sure that was what Mr Abbott wanted him to do, but he was sent straight to the naughty corner for suggesting it prematurely. The other kiddies have apparently got the message; the airwaves have been freakishly Liberal-free ever since.

Still more importantly, he will have to pray that the public and the media react to his policies of concealment, silence and obfuscation with the same acquiescence he expects from his ministers. For the moment at least, he is determined to press ahead with the mushroom policy: keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit. ” Source ABC.net.au the Drum by:

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