About CO2Land

June 2012 – CO2Land org set up as a blog site for providing topical information on carbon.  Activities include education and training opportunities; working to objectives, promoting innovation, critical assessment of policy, waste management, land use change.

The desire of CO2Land is to encourage pathways to sustainable futures, and applaud those that care to endure and persist to show by example they care about the legacy of their actions.

2012-2013. Saw a continued global interest in the site, and more than 36 countries regularly provided visitors. In order of most visits they came from Australia, United States of America, The United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Sweden and other Nordic states and so on.

2013-2014. The numbers of countries showing an interest continue to grow and more frequent visits come from South America, UAE, Baltic and EU.

An increasing number of strategic partnering is presenting opportunities to promote better outcomes – Invitations to add further to our linking page is expanding, and we have agreed where we find empathy.

CO2Land org advocates improving practices.

CO2Land org posts are available via the website, Twitter #CO2Land, and LinkedIn. Other social media is being investigated however it was not our intention to be a commercial projection. Our purpose is to be interesting, and continue to attract strong reasons for academic searches of the material.

2014-2015. Plenty of challenges ahead. The obvious is become apparent – continue to give moral support it is a good fight.


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