Pay the tax – feel good

For the shock jocks to think about: You should feel good to pay taxes!

Research in Italy – says “People pay taxes because it feels good”. The study included thousands of Italians, the researchers discovered that a greater willingness to pay taxes is associated with greater levels of personal happiness – this finding that dovetails with research showing that tax cheating has psychological costs such as guilt and a diminished self-image – of Italians surveyed, 79% said they strongly felt that paying taxes is one of the duties of citizenship. Sourced HBR 120512. So what is wrong Australia, why do you feel so miserable?

Are we alone on Carbon Tax (or is it price in Australia)?

Carbon taxes around the world: China is planning a carbon tax on big energy consumers by 2015 – some provinces have already introduced a carbon tax – in the US there is no nationwide tax although a few states have introduced the tax – Canada does not have a federal carbon tax, but some Canadian provinces and states do have carbon taxes – India has introduced a nationwide carbon tax of 50 rupees per tonne ($1.07) on coal both produced and imported – South Korea introduced a national carbon tax in 2008 – Japan does not have a carbon tax but is planning to implement one – the European Union enacted an emissions trading scheme in 2005 – several European countries have enacted a carbon tax, including Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. Sourced: SBS World News 160512. We are not alone, so good!


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