Real Milk – GST help and no permeate

 Yohoo for dairy farmers:

The byproduct of milk that is white but not milk will not be added back to milk.  Permeate replaces the need for processors to buy more milk – the change means producers and consumers will benefit from getting milk labeled milk– amazingly it make no noticeable difference to the price consumers pay. The winners will be the producer and consumer, and we would expect more confidence on the quality of milk will mean higher sales and processors will be happy.

More happy news:

The government is providing a total of $8 million to assist milk product manufacturers to invest in energy efficient machinery, to help reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. The help will be given as technology grants as part of pre-carbon tax incentives.

Bega Cheese, given as an example, operates five plants, and currently has a energy bill of $13 million a year, and although carbon tax and rising fuel costs will add $3 million this year to the bill, the savings of 20% per annum in terms of energy efficiency dividends will actually reduce the costs of operating.

CO2Lan org asks you to note that smart adjustments mean real benefits – including for the future.


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