Measures – world economics from west to east.

The good news is that some major emerging countries are taking measures to stimulate growth. Innovation? But,

From the West:

As we know from many sources Europe’s major economies have been weak in 2012.

France – Despite President Hollande’s preference for a growth-based strategy. Several signals point to a contraction of private consumption, suggesting France cannot get away from fiscal austerity measures in the coming years. Therefore, the outlook for the French recovery remains weak.

Italy – The Italian GDP continues to fall. Consumer and producer confidence is described as ‘has deteriorated’.  Recession continues and is likely to do so into the third quarter of 2012. The problem for government in making deficit reduction very challenging.

United Kingdom –A technical recession the reality. However, assessing the entirely of the problem is complicated. “The contraction of GDP was largely thanks to the rapid pace of destocking by British firms” says Rabobank. Some bounce is expected from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in the later quarters. But manufacturing markers are showing further contraction.

The Netherlands – The Dutch economy is fragile and the Netherlands is still in recession. Consumption remains low, with low consumer confidence. The bright side is exports continue to be the engine of the Dutch economy. However, The outlook for the rest of the year for exports is moderate.

The rest of the west already gets enough coverage for you to know, or expect to know their economic pacts.

From East:

Incoming economic data indicates a few scattered bright spots, but our focus in that both growth and currencies appear to be on the slide in around the World.

In Brazil, China and India, governments are coming to the fore trying to keep growth at reasonable levels.

Brazil uses monetary policy, China fiscal policy, but in India the policy room seems limited given sticky inflation.

Co2Land org researched a little with the help of Rabobank on what to expect of the west to east world economics.  This snapshot is designed to be an indicator of factual information and is not to be taken as financial advice in anyway.