Confronting Risk – its about the marketing effort

Being corrected by a 15 year old can be confronting – but she was right – the risk model is about marketing potential, not financial exposure. Potentially all those years of study, and all those educators that instilled what was expected of us – all wrong!  So fellow innovators we can look to the thought leaders for inspiration, can we not?

A friend recently attempted to post a story, and complained that the story was not just moderated but removed as a post. In this instance the group, the Carbon War Room, may have thought the scenario too cheeky? However, Co2Land org found the story was a visualization of how branding can prevent an innovator from getting the correct exposure, and how opinion might be too concentrated and worried about marketing risk, which inadvertently prevent a fair review of the financial exposure of not following the innovator.

The author below I will identify as Peter:

“I have heard that Richard Branson has a 1 $billion private investment plan to help Island nations with adopting renewable energy, they are just waiting to identify the best technology to go with. Our plan for the Pacific Rim Island nations facing the same problems is to get some of our island friends going ourselves in the mean time with a properly designed and integrated biomass gasification system and containerized syngas reformer and invite him and his corporate mates across, have them picked up from the airport in a renewable alcohol fueled jeepnee and delivered to the jetty where a Green diesel fueled inter island boat takes them to their coconut shell powered hotel on the next island while they deliberated their options over locally caught and syngas fried fish & prawns with side of biochar grown fruit & vegies, sipping wine cooled using waste heat driven absorption chillers, and distilled activated carbon filtered water from the evaporators while their used biodegradable plates and cups are quietly taken away with the rest of the rubbish and recycled through the gasifier where the reformer can also produce a little aviation fuel to refuel his plane while he visits…all of which helps build the local economy and create far more permanent jobs than importing solar panels and wind turbines (though these certainly to do have their place as part of the overall energy mix). All of the above is possible with existing proven technology. The solutions are out there, just not supported by big business yet”

So as not to prejudice this discussion in any way Peter was quick to add “I am not a depositor in a bank in Cyprus….”.  Now that, Co2Land would say is outside the risk model of this discussion, and cheeky! On reflection, maybe we should look at how many brand banks are exposed in Australia?



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