Fair Go – going going, if I were a charity

If I were able to classify myself as a charity. Think of the ‘free trade’ deals I could do? I might even avoid being sued for helping Australians! Actually it is not funny, many of the employer groups are considering or are reported as lobbying to be considered as a charity. Where is this talk heading? The conversation is getting down to the watering down of the disclosure laws and how are killing off manufacturing in Australia and creating a service industry based on bankable power that favours overseas interests.

The United States of America has learn’t a lesson from this sort of folly. Today they are putting considerable effort in rebuilding their manufacturing sector, and small business has a big part to play in this role because they are the innovators, the engine that is faster to adapt and foster the happiness factor just by doing.

Tristan – you are spot on where you say “The biggest killer of manufacturing jobs is the free trade agreement”. He was actually talking about the current government when they signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with Thailand in 2005 and South Korea in Dec 2013. Then he goes on to say “The government’s own fact sheet acknowledged that domestic manufacturing would be detrimentally affected by the FTAs? Australia finalises free trade agreement with South Korea?” Then quoting the Guardian, 5 Dec 2013: “A fact sheet provided by the government acknowledges some sectors could face increased competition from imports of South Korean products and services, such as motor vehicles and parts, steel products and textiles, clothing and footwear.”

Tristan then raises the issue we should all worry about: “All the FTAs the Liberals have signed also include the contentious clause allowing foreign corporations to sue Australia over legislation that is good for Australians but which detrimentally affects foreign corporations’ profitability.”

Yesterday, 7 April 2014, it was announced that Australia has now signed a FTA with Japan, and claimed is the benefits that come with it including jobs, businesses benefiting and banks smirking with glee. However, if you consider foreign corporations can now sue Australia if we affect they profitability, and that many of the companies that exist in Australia are overseas owned, our Government has made itself irrelevant!

Our Government cannot deliver on any promise to help mainstream Australians and small business innovation is being strangled – the fair go has gone. But what about the promise to create jobs – we currently have 840,000 jobless Australians on Newstart since September 2013 and it is the highest level for 15 years. Promised is to create 1 million jobs in 5 years.
The catch in this statement: The jobs were never promised to go to Australians, nor was it said the people would be well paid, nor ‘real jobs’ because many of the programs would count welfare recipients as employed.

As some further evidence also consider the Federal Government Agency, Austrade has argued for the lowering of tourism wages and a relaxation of 457 visa restrictions to allow guest workers to fill the tourism jobs. Reports on the Mining industry suggests the same there too. Manufacturing, well that is being killed off, and skill sets wasted. The answer get jobs in house renovations that will save you! The question is now will the service industry be enough to bring our great nation forward? Well look back to the USA, they are now desperate to rebuild their manufacturing industry, it is the powerhouse of being a world leader, and the heroes for the USA are the small business innovators and determination to succeed at the satisfaction of something tangible.

That is it – the problem is we think virtual, we need tangible. Oh no, some politician is going to borrow that phrase for their purpose. Quick build an Abbott proof fence.