NFF Not happy – new agricultural body recommended

Senate recommends new agricultural body
The Senate Inquiry into agricultural education has recommended a new agricultural body to represent farmers and agribusinesses be established for policy.

On the NFF website the President, Jock Laurie, said. “The NFF’s very mandate is to represent farmers and the broader farm sector: we already have a powerful reputation, a strong and established relationship with Government and have achieved major outcomes for our sector. The suggestion that yet another body be formed is completely counterproductive to Australian agriculture”.

The senate obviously has a different view and wants the strategic direction for the future of the agriculture sector to have different leadership on agricultural education, the issues around foreign investment, and food security.

The NFF is not happy, they are on record as saying the Senate Inquiry overstepped its terms of reference and has not recognised issues where the NFF has runs on the board, and is achieving real outcomes for the sector.

CO2Land org can understand the frustration and can sympathise on the calls for greater resourcing of agricultural representation across the sector and greater collaboration between organisations. It is sincerely hoped all will be handled so that creditable representation will be achieved and work already advanced on foreign investment, the Rio+20 Forum etc. will result in a more than  just a series of outputs termed an outcome. The trademark of a body not concerned with real innovation.



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