One step forward, two steps back – QANTAS

One step forward two steps back

When taking the helm of our great national airline, Alan Joyce is noted as saying the future of QANTAS is the JETSTAR model, was he right, poll taken 23 Jun 2012 – oh Dear such poor judgment (poll attached below)?

Then another ‘brilliant’ strategist, the Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce (no relation to Alan Joyce) says he is backing Qantas. Barnaby is quoted by the Herald as saying “it’s a case of recognizing reality.”

From the Herald comes a reader comment, 23 Jun 2012:

“This is just my view but I wouldn’t be surprised if QF’s real aim to build up Jetstar, … 


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Poll: Which airline would you rather fly?

Qantas 53%

Virgin 39%

Jetstar 3%

Tiger 5%

Total votes: 16763.

Poll closed 23 Jun, 2012

Disclaimer: These polls are not scientific and reflect the opinion only of visitors who have chosen to participate.

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And the QANTAS chief asks for competition to be restricted or else.  The ‘or else’ is we could go under? But, fear not that might be the plan – a JETSTAR revival, long live and re-Joyce.

Why do we care? QANTAS is committed to helping our environment. They have established codes of such and we support that position. Polls suggest readers agree.


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