The most innovative Australians are Farmers

The most innovative Australians are Farmers. The Daily Soils Digest on 15 June 2012 has written: Since 1970, arable farming land has reduced by 7.5%, but farmers have increased production by 220%.

The Nuffield Australian Farming Scholars say that the long-term capacity of Australian agriculture to compete and succeed internationally will be determined by the ability of Australian farmers to recognise changing consumer preferences, adopt new technologies and production practices and maintain the sustainability of their operations by protecting their production environment – they say in a “city-centric” world, Australia needs farmers with a world view who can convey clearly the needs of agriculture DAFF 210612.

For those that prefer biodiversity protection as their landholding option, they can enter into conservation agreements or covenants to protect biodiversity on their property. As state government run initiatives, the landholders can create private protected areas that bind future landholders to protect the property’s biodiversity, ensuring the long-term survival of plant and animal communities. Now the rub: While seems like a good deal, and while a private protected area comes at little to no cost to the government and offers protection to biodiversity that might not otherwise have been protected. Mining is not exempted from coming in and taking over with mining activities. Landholders can only weep no matter what state they live in, as all governments can still give miners permits to explore and extract in these private protected areas. Reported through The Conversation 29 May 2012.

For those that might expect market maturity to settle quickly on carbon, consider this: AFR on 12 June 2012 wrote, Wild gyrations in markets and economies are the ‘new normal’ – this requires business to be faster to innovate and be flexible and adaptive – US recruitment expert, John Sullivan, says that innovative people can produce far more revenue than more ordinary employees in this context – he says it takes nearly 8 people at IBM to produce the same revenue as one at Apple – in Silicon Valley, companies measure innovation before they measure productivity because they make huge margins through innovation.

Sourced through:  Garry Reynolds DAFF


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