Australian Government shifts on Additionality?

The Australian Government is determined to avoid penalising landholders who have been managing their land well. The Savanna Burning Methodology allows landholders to choose a date to set the Baseline so they won’t be excluded. Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change Mark Dreyfus told ABC Radio’s PM program on 3 July: “land managers can get credit for all their good work in the future, without being penalised for any good work they’ve done in the past.” This means that landholders will be able to earn carbon credits in future for land management practices they adopted before the start date of a recognised project.  The precedent has been set that “good work” should be recognised: “As part of this methodology a baseline, which is set with reference to averaging annual emissions over the 10 years up to the project, and if they’ve already been doing recent pollution reduction burning, then that will be taken into account and the average will be set from the period immediately before the recent pollution reduction burning that they’ve been doing.” The Methodology allows landholders to go back up to 6 years to start the 10-year average emissions estimation to set the Baseline. The Methodology for Savanna Burning puts it this way:

“A project’s baseline will be the estimated average annual CH4 and N2O emissions from the project area in the 10 years immediately preceding project commencement. Where strategic fire management has been implemented within the project area for a period of at least one year but no more than six years immediately prior to project commencement, the baseline emissions can be estimated as the 10 years preceding this period of fire management.”
It remains to be seen if this provision can be used in a non-savanna methodology.

Fully referenced from: Carbon Coalition Against Global Warming blog:

Posted by Michael Kiely at 7:48 AM  Monday, July 09, 2012

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