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CO2Land org finds it puzzling to see so few of the readers participate in the polls! Would more readers participate and could it be better representative if the sample of opinion was changed to: Did you like the article/story? Would readers be more empowered to influence through their opinion? Is it just too boring?

Polls June to July 2012 with a Greens Poll from April thrown in:

Q: Do you believe the Coalition will repeal the Carbon Tax as promised?

Yes (60.3%)

No (39.7%)

Total Votes: 511
Poll Date: 09 July, 2012

 Q: Do you think we need a new national agricultural lobby?

Yes (44.5%)

No (55.5%)

Total Votes: 629
Poll Date: 02 July, 2012

Q: Are you ready for the Carbon Tax?

Yes (21.6%)

No (78.4%)

Total Votes: 874
Poll Date: 25 June, 2012

Q: Now more than one year on from the live export ban, do you think the government made the right decision?

Yes (15.4%)

No (82.3%)

Undecided (2.3%)

Total Votes: 751
Poll Date: 18 June, 2012

Q: Do you support the construction of wind farms in your area?

Yes (50.8%)

No (40.9%)

Undecided (8.2%)

Total Votes: 716
Poll Date: 11 June, 2012

Q: Are you more likely to vote for The Greens following the resignation of Bob Brown?

More likely (3.8%)

Less likely (4.9%)

About the same (10.6%)

I will never vote Green (80.7%)

Total Votes: 715
Poll Date: 23 April, 2012


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