Weasel words

The use of weasel words was a tactic used to engineer that broad based ‘policy’ could be backed out of at any time and a ‘review’ was always the justification for doing so – Flip flop, weasel words, distortion of the truth, devotion to any story will do, maybe Malcolm Turnbull should take over, when he was the voice for the environment he could see ‘as it was, a true understanding of the real world’. As a leader Turnbull had a problem to overcome as he was of honesty, of being courageous and had a conscience.

What does the current leader of the opposition mean when he says “believe me” as opposed to what seems apparent to him saying ‘do as I say’? Check out the following interview taken during the term of this opposition – http://youtu.be/12PN66IBoPs – where there was support for the CARBON TAX by Tony Abbort – Will Turnbull returned as leader be able to stop the weasel?

Put all that aside, are the ‘real’ questions: What is the real price of carbon? What is the real price to business for uncertainty? What is the real cost of the tipping point to no return for the future?


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