China’s technology plan to tackle climate change

China announced its ‘Specially Designated National Plan on Science and Technology Development in Tackling Climate Change’. The plan includes the Ten Most Critical Mitigation Technologies and Ten Most Critical Adaption Technologies that have been identified by the Chinese Government to address climate change challenges in that country.

Reported by on 16 July 2012, China announced its technology plan last week, and the dot points of the plan follow:

“The Ten Mitigation Technologies are:

  • High efficiency super-critical power generation technology
  • Holistic coal gasification-based integrated combustion-cycle technology
  • Non-conventional natural gas exploration and development technology
  • Large-scale renewable energy power generation, storage and grid connection technology
  • New energy automobile technology and low carbon fuel substitute technology
  • City energy supply and end-use energy efficiency and emission reduction technology
  • Building energy saving technology
  • Energy saving and scale-up technology of waste energy and waste heat in the production process of iron and steel, metallurgical, chemical and building material industries
  • Carbon sink technology in agriculture, forestry, husbandry and wetland
  • Carbon capture and storage technology.

The Ten Adaptation Technologies include:

  • Forecast and pre-warning technology of extreme weather events
  • Drought-ridden region water resource exploration and high-efficiency water utilization, and optimized allocation technology
  • Drought-resistant and high-temperature-resistant plant species selection and cultivation, and pest-prevention and control technology
  • Typical climate-sensitive ecosystem protection and remediation technology
  • Climate change impact and risk assessment technology
  • Human health integrated adaptation technology
  • Typical coastal land adaptation technology
  • City lifeline engineering safety guarantee technology in response to extreme weather events
  • Standards and regulation amendment of some key sectors in adaptation to climate change
  • Man-controlled weather manipulation technology.”

CO2Land org notes that while clear guideline are given; success towards tackling climate change relies on close partnerships between government and business, as well as among countries in the global community. They go on to say, “Tackling climate change is a game of we-are-all-in-it-together. A global-level cooperation will provide the right platform for shared innovation and know-how to accelerate the technology R&D, the application of those technologies, as well as the scale up of the applicable and feasible solutions to address the common challenge we all face today.”

Are they serious? You will be in awe that the site said “The Chinese Government invested $16.8 BILLION (RMB 107 BILLION) in Clean Energy and Efficiency in 2011”.

Report: Read more on how global consensus and collaboration can drive a clean revolution in China

Background: China’s 12th Five Year Plan


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