Bolt on and revolve with a hybrid car

Bolt on hybrid engines will be mainstream as a way to revolve our old cars –according to Valeo EU and Voorhies USA that have proof of concept cars running the respective technology.

The Valeo example is reported that “Valeo said it has recently launched an affordable hybrid concept for the mainstream”. Claimed is that it has developed a powertrain electrification solution, Hybrid4All, which enables car manufacturers to turn a traditional engine –diesel or gasoline- into a hybrid engine, at an affordable price by using simple and standardized components. The architecture is based on a compact motor/generator which uses a low voltage electrical system (48V), and can be installed in different positions: in front of the engine, after the gear-box or between the two. This solution also integrates Stop-Start, regenerative braking and torque assist functions. Claimed fuel savings is more than 15 percent on an average petrol engine vehicle. The system installed as an original alternator size unit can provide up to 15kW of power boost and mainstream availability expected in 2017.Referenced on 25 July 2012, by Anne-Françoise PELE, and visit SmartEnergy Designline for greater detail on this system and more of design, technology, product, and news articles of clean technologies.

The Voorhies example is installed in a Honda Civic station wagon as an in-wheel electric rotor and is designed as a plug in system for front wheeled drive cars. Early adopters are told to expect a fitted cost around $3000US and those that hang off a little longer can expect lower prices because of improved battery technology and economies of production scale.  Fuel reduction claims are from 25 to 50%.  This system is developed by Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) .

CO2Land org say wow, and fancies being able to keep the old favorite car and upgrade to the new technology – fantastic. How do you calculate the LLC of that revolve?



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