Woodlawn Power Station – Increased effectiveness

Since commissioning the bio-reactor site is credited with generating more than 68,000MWh and the output is increasing where gas capture volumes are getting more effective. Quoted by Henry Gundry (Woodlawn Environment and Operations Manager) in the Tarago Times August 2012 edition was that June 2012 was an all time high for gas volumes and power generation. The gas volumes for June were 1.37million cubic metres of biogas and 2535MWh of electricity generated.  The increase over May was 9% increase.

CO2Land was pleased with hearing some positive number coming out of the facility after some reports suggested a number of issues. If these numbers are continuing to improve it is information well received.

For those interested in the maintenance requirement of Woodlawn Power Station, after four and one half years of operation since commissioning. The schedule at 60,000 operational hours means all but the engine block, cooling system and generator housing is replaced. The major service interval is 20,000 operational hours where the cylinders, pistons, crank rods, turbo, and intercoolers are replaced or reconditioned replacements.