You got to be joking – CFI penalised!

In a public post on Linkedin, 11 Aug 2012.  A group seen as the most active in promoting Carbon Farming Initiative (and have done so well before the legislation package) thought it was a practical joke that the CFI was compromised, and that even with bipartisan support that a renegade state would do such a thing (look for the weasel).  CO2Land org suggests you follow up with Louisa and Michael Kiely on this macabre development.


Louisa Kiely You are joking? Surely not. I’ll get to the bottom of this and let you know.

Ben Keogh Go get them Louisa – perhaps the ACCC could investigate over price gouging. The MPSC should declare how they have valued the sequestration potential – I am sure I could come up with some realistic figures if required. Perhaps Mr Meyers should avoid the CFI and keep producing methane form cattle if that what the MPSC want. I look forward to your updates.

Terrence Trinca Louisa, I blogged a similar story in CO2Land org. The story Vic Coalition at odds with Fed Coalition – CFI compromised. The gist is Carbon farming could cost farmers, instead of making them money, and is the result of the Victorian Government tripling rate bills. Quoted: “The Victorian Government does not recognise carbon farming as a legitimate farming activity under land tax and valuation acts and has ruled out changing the laws”.

Co2Land org also finds it astonishing that innovation continues to be stifled for no other reason than a few with the power are prepared to demonstrate and or promote illusionary superiority at the expense of genuine development opportunities. In this case even at the expense of as much as 60% abatement that the aligned political body is promoting as part of Direct Action plans.