Announcement from Smart Energy

Being some were concerned that smart grid technology was slipping off the radar, be consoled with the following: Hello Smart Energy members,

I thought you might be interested in receiving a copy of a recent interview that Smart Energy’s sister site, Energy IQ, conducted with Andrew Blaver, Implementation Manager for Perth Solar City at Western Power Corporation.

Andrew discusses how smart meters and other smart grid technology have helped Western Power to create an economically efficient electricity system. He also talks about how access to real time data has enabled them to change the way they interact with customers, increasing engagement through customer acquisition and retention strategies that are more tailored to individual needs. You can read the interview here:

Andrew will be revealing more about the impact that real time energy data has had on consumer behaviour and customer engagement in his session at the Solar Cities 2012 conference, taking place in Brisbane in October. For more information on the event, you can download the agenda here: 

Kind regards

Siân Jenkins
Smart Energy Group.

CO2Land org says excellent, all the best.