The solar thermal proposal for Port Augusta

An Australian willing to encourage the adoption of alternative generation with entrepreneurial flair is backing a solar thermal power station for Port Augusta, in South Australia.

The site is very well suited for the proposal and this includes days and hours of available daylight, the need for the energy and accessibility.

The ABC broke the story, 9 August 2012, entitled Dick Smith urges federal funds for solar thermal trial. The story line follows that Dick Smith will be in Port Augusta to address a local meeting. He will also undertake another part of a documentary he is making on energy in Australia.

Of his support for a trail of this type of energy source (in his words the energy future), he is quoted as saying: “The solar thermal proposal for Port Augusta is a good one – there’s money coming from the carbon tax that we’re supposed to be looking at alternative energy and this would be an ideal way of doing it”.

CO2Land org is hopeful the change promised by the trail would be a very good demonstration of positive impacts of carbon price introduction. If the indications are correct the need for funding for the proposal will be a interim need and within a relatively short time the economics will see the power source being a sustainable alternative to conventional source reliance.



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